Like a flower that blooms from the outside in, I have myself started learning about the outer art. Clothing, styling, hair .. How do you bring the Femme Fatale to the surface from a woman? That fascinates me enormously. As I grew, I discovered the inner art. I discovered that the beauty of a woman is deeper than just the surface. The inside out: that became the goal and that came together when I started to study painting.
The woman is central in my work. From inside shines the outside and combined true art is created, on the canvas and in the artist himself. That is what I want to teach others.
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From a passion for beauty and a love for color, my interest in the painting profession arose. Color is the common thread in my life and you see it everywhere in my work. I paint portraits on intuition and the woman is always central to me. I think playing with your own creativity is important. This is called “Joie de Vivre” .. The pleasure of life. That is where true art comes into being, which is close to yourself and really comes from within.

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“Joie de Vivre” is central to my work and process. Experience pleasure and using that feeling to work intuitively on yourself and your art. What appears on the silver screen is a representation of everything that happens within you, and that is unique. Together we bring out that energy in you and thereby create art with your personal handwriting, but we go even deeper.. We let the artist who is hidden in you shine through to the outside. The inside shines on the outside .. Together we build your Image as an artist, your Femme Fatale.

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