Bienvenue, Welcome,

My name is Yvon van Bergen, artist. Through intuitive portrait painting, I would like to guide you back to your authenticity.











Present Now



From now on there will be new Art Prints available in my collection, regularly. All my Art Prints are limited editions. I work with low quantities.

The size of my Art Prints is 50 x 70 cm. This is a standard size for most frames.



Red & Yellow Circle

Serie  Limited Editions  / 25
Exlusive low numbers.

More Artworks

My style of painting is to be called intuitive. I only paint women, because the female body and energy fascinates me. I use a diverse range of materials, from oil paint to acrylic paint and mixed media.

I like to follow one rule: Everything is possible. I don’t like to limit myself in my artistic flow and because I don’t have an end goal – the portrait arises on my canvas.


Take a look at my collection:

Art on Wood



Post  Cards

Next to Art Prints, I also have post cards available. These are my portraits, but in smaller size. If you are looking for a unique card to give to a special someone; of a small card to keep on your desk, for example – these are perfect.

Three of my series are available as post cards: Golden Jewel, Red Circle and Yellow Circle. Choose a card that feels best for you. All cards are wrapped and ready to give as a present.

Size 15 x 10 cm