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I try to show the beauty of imperfection in my artwork. The things that stand out most in my work are the extra layers using a collage technique, and the combination of realism and abstraction. The expressions on the women's faces are profound, desirous, with emotion or hushed.

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Joie de vivre
Play with creativity

My interest in painting arose from my passion for beauty and my love for color. Color is the common thread in my life and you see it everywhere in my work. I paint portraits intuitively and women are always the main subject in my artwork. I think playing with your own creativity is important. This is called “Joie de Vivre” .. The joy of living. That is where true art comes into being. Joie de vivre is about staying close to yourself and it really comes from within.

I only paint women, because the female body and energy fascinates me. I use a diverse range of materials, from oil paint to acrylic paint and mixed media. I like to follow one rule: Everything is possible. I don’t like to limit myself in my artistic flow and, because I don’t have an end goal, the portrait manifests on my canvas.

Joie de vivre play with creativity Yvon van Bergen art