I try to show the beauty of imperfection in my artwork. The things that stand out most in my work are the extra layers using a collage technique, and the combination of realism and abstraction. The expressions on the women’s faces are profound, desirous, with emotion or hushed. 

The playful lines and sometimes literal tearing of paper seem to create rips in the faces. It makes me think of torn personalities and fragmentation. Even though the subject is profound, my work also has a playful appearance – because of the several techniques I use, the use of color and the playful forms. I make mixed media art and work with oil paint and/or acrylic paint on canvas.

My work has been on display nationally and internationally, in exhibitions of galeries and fairs. It has also been included in private collections. 

Nowadays I sell my artwork from my own company and open my studio and gallery to the public. It is also possible to come view my artwork by appointment.

Join the Masterclass!

Discover your unique way of self-expression and awaken your authenticity. Every two months I do a five-day Masterclass ‘Intuitive portrait painting’. I take you along on my way into creativity, becak to yourself. From ‘Le début’ (the start), we go on this adventure together. We let behind perfectionism and turn to our hearts and core, where uniqueness finds its roots. We will play, improvise and enjoy from our inner child. You will get various tools during these five days, that you can use to rediscover your own intuitive self. You will practice doing assignments focused on finding your own, authentic stye and on learning how to use it. You in?