Yvon van Bergen | Art | Creator | Inspirator | ‘Femme Fatale’

I am Yvon van Bergen, born in Nijmegen (1964) and started working as a professional artist around the age of 40. Color, people and (imperfect) beauty play an important role in my life.

Like a flower that blooms from the outside in, I myself have started learning about the outer art. Clothing, styling, hair .. How do you bring the Femme Fatale to the surface in a woman? That fascinates me enormously. As I grew, I discovered the inner art. I discovered that the beauty of a woman is deeper than just the surface. The inside out: that became the goal and that came together when I started to study painting.

The woman is central in my work. From inside shines the outside and combined true art is created, on the canvas and in the artist himself. That is what I want to teach others.

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Why do I find painting from intuition so important? That is where you really connect with the artist who resides in you. That is where true beauty comes out and presents itself on the canvas. The portraits form themselves, from me, on the white.

Color combinations come to me and mix on my palette. The inspiration comes from outside, but the work comes from within. I only make it appear from my Source d’Inspiration: my source.

I let my participants taste more than just the art itself. I let them taste life. Art de Vivre, the art of life.

I bring together the inner, the outer and the art of painting. This way you grow as an artist, but also as a person, and that is ultimately where the connection takes place: within you, so that it finds a way out. Also through brush and paint. Call it my passion for true beauty.

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