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* Girls with a Golden Jewel (latest series);
* Girls with a Yellow & Red circle
* Fine Art Prints
* Girls (Oil Paintings)
* Collar Girls
* Another Girls
* Girls with a Golden Jewel (as Art Cards)

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From a passion for beauty and a love for color, my interest in the painting profession arose. Color is the common thread in my life and you see it everywhere in my work. I paint portraits on intuition and the woman is always central to me. I think playing with your own creativity is important. This is called “Joie de Vivre” .. The pleasure of life. That is where true art comes into being, which is close to yourself and really comes from within.

In addition to my original artwork, Fine Art Prints are also available in my collection. These limited works of art are very high-quality fine art prints. These works of art have a circulation of 25 pieces and have been produced with greatest care.

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Get started with Art… 

In my 5 days Masterclass I teach my participants how they can get started themselves to create their own unique signature art. Curious? coming soon 

About me and my Art…


In my latest series I portray my art, the beauty of imperfection. The series “girls with a red / yellow circle” refers to the round large glasses of Iris Apfel, the American style icon and life artist who inspired me during the making of this series.

What strikes me is the multiple layers in my work through collage technique and the combination of realism and abstraction. The expressions of the women are profound, longing, emotionally or still. Due to the playful lines and literally tears of paper, cracks sometimes appear in the face.

It reminds me of torn personalities and fragmentation. The subject is profound, but at the same time my work has a playful appearance due to the different techniques, use of colors and playful forms.


Mixed media Technology:


First I paint the portrait on canvas, I photograph it and have it printed. Then I paint the work and apply collage technique.

In addition to making mixed media art, I still like to paint with oil paint or acrylic on canvas.

The works are exhibited both nationally and internationally in exhibitions of galleries and at fairs. My work is also included in various private collections.

Nowadays I sell my work from my company and I regularly open my studio and gallery@home to the public. Ofcourse there is a possibility to view work without obligation by appointment.


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