Together we will look for your unique handwriting as an artist. We bring your energy from the inside out and bring it together on the canvas. You get to know your personal “Source d’Inspiration” and you improve your artistic skills through studying painting. We let go of perfection, switch to “Joie de Vivre” and start doing practical work.


‘La Vie en Rose’ 

                                                                                                                      for you if you…….

• Want to learn how to paint portraits from intuition.
• Want to discover your own handwriting and authenticity as an artist.
• Looking for more depth in painting.
• Want to experience pleasure again in creative processes.
• Want to let go of perfection and experience “Joie de Vivre” in painting.
• Want to feel inspired and create from there.

Not only do I tell you how I can get to my intuition so well, but let you experience how you can do that yourself. From there I will teach you more about painting techniques and I will show you all my secrets, knowledge and skills that will help you to paint beautiful portraits in an intuitive way.

For this Academy it makes no difference if you have never painted or perhaps lost your creative expression. Step by step I will take you along the way and show you the direction in search of your individuality. We combine the creative aspect, but also your beauty as a woman: the inner and the outer. You will be going to see that!


you can expect this ..


• I will take you on a journey for 7 months
• Every month a new module online (access for 14 months)
• Access to a Facebook group with fellow creatives to exchange   experiences (incl. Q & A Time every month)
• Live videos, assignments, insights, inspiration, tips and tricks
 Open the doors soon…  Immediately enter individually or in a group.
• After seven months you may make the step to sales. You decide to sell your series of portraits that you have made. I share my sales strategy! Voila!  



Tres jolie, I’ll join in…..

Feel free to mail me here for more information ……
Oh yes… ..La Vie and Rose is special “Pour femmes”


crème de la crème’ by yvon van bergen

The doors have been opened .. We are here .. I am going to inspire you, something I love doing the most. “La Vie en Rose” is for those who feel that there is more to them than the standard artist. For those who want to learn to create the most beautiful portraits from intuition, who show who they are and what they stand for. I’m going to teach you what I have learned myself. You are going to get the crème de la crème from me. Now that I can pass on all my secrets, my knowledge, experience and my passion to you makes me feel so free! The beauty of intuitive portrait painting is so beautiful and still so undiscovered .. From your own handwriting I gladly take you on this journey of discovery ..




“LA VIE EN ROSE, I actually stepped in on my intuition, I didn’t know what to expect, but it seemed like something. Now, three months later I am so happy that I did. It is a pleasure to paint, I cannot wait until I can start again, losing yourself in painting – as Yvon always calls it – that really happens to me. The pleasure, the free work, the painting outside the lines … Yvon can inspire and nourish, she tells, she shares, she is pure. With her movies you look over her shoulder and it is magic. It is a great gift that I have given myself .. “



“Yvon came on my path at the right time for me. It can’t really be a coincidence, that’s how I experience it now. I started following her online ACADEMY “La Vie en Rose” and I don’t regret it to this day. She gives substance to the program in an inspiring “different way”. She makes me aware of my intuition without being floaty and suggests things that are new to me. I get inspiration that creates new ideas, also in the business area. In addition to being an inspirator in the field of painting, Yvon is also very valuable on a personal level. Yvon is a sweet, self-aware woman with guts and many qualities. She gives you tools and confidence to be in your strength. I can heartily recommend her, because she really touches your heart!


“Without really knowing what was in store for me, I started taking the Intuitive Portrait Painting lessons from Yvon. What was created was space to experiment with lines, colors, materials. Each time without knowing where I would end up. More and more I dared to rely on my intuition, and this was almost therapeutic. The handles that Yvon offers you create a beautiful framework from which you can learn to play freely on the canvas. “


“I followed the 5-day Intuitive Portrait Painting and came so much closer to myself through the assignments that the Academy was a logical consequence. Her website is well-arranged, the videos are inspiring, clear and always a party to watch
I would AB_SO_LUTeLEY do the again. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I “found” myself again. My creativity and the passion that always been part of it. It was “gone” after years of flying for work. This Academy is invaluable to me (from day 1). ”


The Global view that Yvon has not only connected the canvas and the brush.

But it also helps you to listen more clearly to your own beauty, talents and wisdom.

The multiple intelligence that she uses is an enrichment for me.

Yvon is smart, business-like and helps you turn your painting talent into a business success.

Not only in the Netherlands, but also an international recommendation for the Self-Conscious & Talented World-wise Women who want to color the World More Beautifully ”

Business Advisor I Named # NR1 Counselor of the Netherlands & Belgium




“I wanted to be looser in my work and because of the five-day online master class intuitive portrait painting, I thought this was a good idea. The ACADEMY has a beautiful environment that is clear and uncluttered. Logging in is easy. It always makes you curious about the next lesson. I would buy it again, it is definitely worth the investment.
Until now I have had a lot of fun making portraits, setting it up differently from the traditional way, that makes my portraits more free, there is movement in it. I certainly haven’t done everything yet, but luckily we have a year to do that. ”


“The 5-day online master class intuitive portrait painting struck me. I was so inspired, curious and made me want it (much) more. The Academy Intuitive portrait Painting has therefore been a logical consequence of this. This Academy is for me in one word; SUPER! The online learning environment is not only well-organized but also very nicely designed. The videos are inspiring, soothing and give a very nice picture of the structure of the work. Great music, the combination that gives me the mood and vibe to get started. I have become a fan of your way of inspiring (tone of voice – music – the assignments). I have become more passionate about creating, I often can’t wait to dive into the studio and get started with the lessons, the assignments or my own ideas! Not a must but a drive. With all the rest and less uncertainty. “

Tres jolie, I’ll join in..

an overview of my program


I will inspire you and tell you how you will go on a journey of discovery to your own creative intuition in the next 7 months. You start by drawing portraits – freedom and playing are central. Get rid of perfection and create using your feeling.



 Enjoy my process to creating art “live” in order to rediscover your inspiration. Inspiration sets you in motion and gives you new strength


Color is central to me. I will  teach you how to choose and mix colors intuitively and get them harmoniously on the canvas. I will also tell you something about your unique colors.

Styles de peinture

Playful, abstract and mysterious are words that describe my style well, but what suits you? We will look for your personal style. Then you can get started with your own series




In addition to acrylic paint, oil paint with palette knives is also covered. Starting from worked surfaces … I’ll show you the magic of art.



We will work with mixed media… different materials in one artwork
I show you how to bring new beautiful life back in old works. painted canvases never fail with me. They are just waiting to be born again.

Touche Finale

Each portrait has its own ending. That way you know when your work is done. No more doubts, I am giving you the handles so that you can feel when it’s time to stop. I will teach you about pricing rates and how to sell your work





Pass on my knowledge and, above all, passion to create from your intuition.
“Joie de vivre”, everything is good and everything can grow.

Thankful for these beautiful images filled with fun, joy and pleasure.
Born from each its own intuition. 


Intuitive Portrait Painting



I am Yvon van Bergen, born in Nijmegen and started working as a
professional artist around the age of 40. But professionaI (imperfect) beauty has occupied me for much longer. Like a flower that blooms from the outside in, I myself have started learning about the outer art. Clothing, styling, hair .. How do you bring the Femme Fatale to the surface in a woman? That fascinates me enormously.

As I grew, I discovered the inner art. I discovered that the beauty of a woman is deeper than just the surface. The inside out: that became the goal and that came together when I started to study painting. Everything comes together in the work that I make and do now. The woman is central, the Femme Fatale in the spotlight. From the inner, the outer shines and combined, true art is created on the canvas and within the artist himself. That is the real truth of beauty.

Tres jolie, I’ll join in for….