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Yvon van Bergen

Artist, inspirator, portrait painter and mentor.

I try to show the beauty of imperfection in my artwork. My art comes to me from within and manifests itself on the canvas. I use all kinds of materials and media - guided by my intuition - like oil paint, acrylic paint, and sometimes the collage technique. The expressions on the women's faces are profound, desirous, with emotion or hushed.

The playful lines and sometimes literal tearing of paper seem to create rips in the faces. It reminds me of torn personalities and fragmentation. Even though the subject is profound, my work also has a playful appearance because of the several techniques I use, the use of color and the playful forms. I make mixed media art and work with oil paint and/or acrylic paint on canvas.

My work has been on display nationally and internationally, in exhibitions of galeries and fairs. It has also been included in private collections.

Nowadays I sell my artwork through my own company and I open my studio and gallery to the public. You can make an appointment to come view my art.

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Basic course Intuitive Portrait Painting

Discover your unique form of self-expression and awaken your authenticity. You can start right away. I show you my creative world, which will guide you back to yourself. From ‘Le début‘ we go on a journey of discovery together.

We leave perfection behind us and start working from our heart and stomach, where whimsy arises. We will play, improvise and enjoy creating from our inner child. You will receive various tools from me during this basic course, which you can use to rediscover your intuitive self. You will practice with exercises in order to discover using your own, authentic style.

Will you join me?

Yvon van Bergen

Summer Experience
Live in Atelier

From June to August, 2022 I will be hosting several live workshops in my Atelier (Studio). I’d love to welcome you during my Summer Experience.